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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  September 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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on! >> on the other hand, they're also saying that if he were white, there would likely be significant african-american protests of this administration. that's very interesting. we'll talk about that later in the program. now, samuel jackson is encouraging voters, but he's doing it in a completely different way. >> i strongly suggest that you wake the [bleep] up. >> all right. we'll talk about what happens if you don't vote. in fact, long time reporter with a book on what would have happened if al gore won. that's interesting. then we actually found something funny about prime minister netanyahu's speech is the u.n. today. who but us? plus elbow of the day. it's go time. ♪
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>> you are not to worry. my policies will make things better for hem. >> what's my plan? give tax breaks to companies that invest in america. >> i want to see us export more jobs -- export more products. i was channeling my opponent there for a second. >> i will act to repeal obamacare. >> i got everybody in my state insured. i don't think there's anything that shows more empathy. >> obamacare! >> i'm going to win in ohio. i'm going to be the next president. >> i'm going to be the nominee. >> bain capital was formed to invest in start up companies to harvest them as a significant profit. >> we're all on our own if romney that his way. i strongly suggest that you wake the [bleep] up. >> all right. now, president obama and mitt romney are of course out on the campaign trail. they both happen to be in virginia today trying to rally
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their own troops, and then they've even got ads, as well, where they are both facing the camera which always is slightly awkward if you ask me and making their personal appearances saying you got to vote for me and this is my plan. in has ad that president obama has, it's actually two minutes long if you watch the whole thing, he talks patriotism and how there's a new economic patriotism. >> governor romney believes with bigger tax cuts for the wealthy and fewer wall street regulations all of us would brought speaker. he'd double down on the same fiscal policies that got us here in the first place. our economy begins with a strong thriving middle class. >> it also involves everybody paying their fair share and keeping their money here instead
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of the cayman islands. i wonder who that might refer to. he didn't mention that in the two minutes but it was implicit. j.k. rowling has a book coming out today. back in 2010, she says something about this that was actually exactly on point with what's happening today in our politics. people that asked her hey, are you thinking of moving abroad to avoid taxes here in great britain. she said i don't want to be with the brody exiles. she also said:
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>> now i love that. i think that is exactly right. look and mitt romney himself admits that his father when he first came here from mexico, they had a mormon branch in mexico and they moved to the u.s. and when they did they took welfare. does he feel the same way if this helped me and my family get on our feet, we should do that for others. no he wants to shred that social safety net. that's not right. as they're campaigning president obama's obviously trying to focus on that, but he had a funny kind of slip up here. watch this as he's speaking at kent state. >> the first thing is i want to see us export more jobs -- export more products. excuse me. [ laughter ] >> i was -- i was channeling my opponent there for a second.
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>> see that's how you recover from a gaffe or a flub. mitt romney can learn a thing or two about that. he turned it right around. in reality, of course, he's exactly right. being capitalist, exports jobs abroad bragging about it. now we've got an old tape found from 1985 where he's talking about what bain is really about. check this out and see what he says. >> bain capital is an investmentner ship formed to invest in startup companies and ongoing companies then to take an active hand in managing them and five or eight years later to harvest them as a significant profit. >> did you get that last past? to home run rest them as a significant profit. we get it you're in the business of making a significant profit, but that word harvest is really interesting. right from the beginning they thought who gives a damn about
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these companies or employees? our point is to harvest them so that we can make a significant profit. now he's trying to run on the idea of oh, i was a job creator my whole point at bain capital was to create jobs. no it wasn't, it was to harvest. what did he do with the proceeds of his harvesting? avoiding taxes the tax shelters, it goes on and on. there's a new one exposed by bloomberg news. now, this is so he can pass his money on to his kids and grandkids without having to pay taxes. the tax shelter that they use is called an idgt. now what is that? it stands for intentionally defective grantor trust. it's in the name, intentionally defective grantor trust. that's amazing with that what do rich people call it? i dig it.
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literally, that was the code name for this program. i'm going to show you why they dug it so much. first of all romney moved assets of $1 million into that trust. he's got the money wants to move it in for his kids or grandkids, we'd all do the same thing. what kind of return did he get? his children and grandchildren based on a deal he did with double click got a thousand% return. you got a good return. no problem with that. a at a time that the state tax or gift tax was 55% so that would mean that they'd have to pay a $55 million penalty not a penalty, but a tax simply because that's what the law is, so what does i dig it do? instead, they paid a zero percent rate and $0 in tan. this is the thing i tell you all the time. if they don't pay the taxes you
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do. the government's got to run somehow. somehow, we've got to have enough money to invade iraq. when mitt romney said i'm going to pay nothing was it then called an intentionally defective grantor trust he's screwing you on that and screwing you when he moves his money to the cayman islands. we all want to do that, but you got to pay your taxes when you do it. in fact, here is steven brightstone, a person who deals with these kind of estate maneuvers all the time. he says: >> in other words god we used to do that he is tricks all the time so the rich wouldn't have to stay taxes. remember romney talking about that 47% that doesn't pay
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federal in come tax, can you believe what funds they are? how about you you didn't pay a dime on that $100 million. you're the bum. you're the cheat. when he was asked hey have you done anything where you can show empathy toward other human beings? that seems an easy question, right no here's what mitt romney says. >> don't forget, i got everybody in my state insured. 100% of the kids in our state have health insurance. i don't think there is anything that shows more empathy and care about people in the country than that kind of record. >> the one thing that shows your empathy is providing care like for example the same program as obamacare, what you did in massachusetts. >> the first big one i'm not going for is obamacare. i will repeal obamacare. >> there goes that empathy. what are you left with? not much at all. let's bling in a correspondent that has -- i do this every
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time epic, go ahead. >> all right epic politics man is up in san francisco. epic headquarters at current. michael, we have limited time here. i want to talk to you about the money. this man was supposed to be a c.e.o. moved the money around, none went to taxes. he's supposed to be really good with this stuff. the campaign money where the hell did it go? >> it's been a total disaster. we've alluded to this before in the past. if bain capital took over the romney campaign, they would fire romney. the money being spent, 900 employees, the obama campaign does spending an average of take it out to a year's long, amortize it that way, $36,000 a year per employee. the same thing for the romney campaign, you take 403 employees, this was through the month of august, $77,000
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annually. he gave nine employees romney did, a bonus of $207,000. he's getting nothing for it. one of the interesting things about why that is is that when you put an ad up and you're a campaign and you are not a super pac, you are charged a different rate. $125 ad in ohio is $125 for the romney campaign, same ad is $900 for the obama campaign. >> somehow, he has bungleled this in a way where president obama has run far more ads than romney has even though romney had more money. >> and he wants to be the c.e.o. of the entire nation. what he's doing chenk it's the super pac. the super pac has to spend so much more, nine to one to match what the obama campaign can do.
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>> good analysis. when we come back, what if you don't vote? two things, number one, remember 2000 and number two remember samuel l. jackson. >> tonight, i offer my concession. >> i strongly suggest that you wake the [bleep] up. >> and later tonight, the elbow of the day. i'll give it away this time. it's steven colbert, but who's head is he delivering it on? it is awesome. >> guess who he's elbowing @tytonturk on twitter.
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commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct. >> now yesterday, i called election here on the young turks. it's already over. some people aren't happy about that. people say damn it, people are going to get complacent. i love the idea that people say chenk already called it, so we're not going to bother voting. i wish that were so. obviously in order for my call to be correct you have to actually go and vote. in case you didn't get that
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message, samuel jackson is going to deliver it. >> mom dad the election's coming up soon. >> we're tired right now honey go back to your room. >> sorry my friend, there's no time to snore, an out of touch millionaire declared war on schools, the unions, environment, fair pay. we're on our own with romney has his way. he's against safety nets. if you fall, tough luck. i strongly suggest that you wake the [bleep] up. >> all right, now look, this message is direct to a lot of folks, but specifically, they of course want to reach african-american latinos and minority groups because it made such a difference in the 2008 campaign. 2 million more black voters voted in 2008 than 2004 and 2 million more latino voters voted in 2008. it's important for them to get back out. in terms of younger voters,
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18-29 year olds, enthusiasm makes a big difference. in 2008, 79% definitely planned to vote. now this career, only 63% definitely plan to vote. and so, what happens if you don't go out to vote? well, everybody remembers 2000, don't they? >> stand by, stand by, cnn right now is moving our earlier declaration of florida back to the too close to call column. >> what a night that was. and what a nightmare it wound up being for the country when that was made in the wrong way. and of course, it led to this moment. >> while i strongly disagree with the court's decision, i accept it. i accept the finality of this outcome which will be ratified next monday in the electoral
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college. tonight for the strength of our union and democracy i offer my concession. >> that was not a happy day. we are going to talk to jeff green field an anchor on pbs's need to know, a columnist nor yahoo news, won knife emmy awards not a big deal and his new book was 43, when gore beat bush a political fable. that is perfectly relevant to whether people should be motivated to vote. jeff, it's great to have you on. before we start the conversation, i should be clear with the conversation, this note work is co founded by al gore, although again to be perfectly clear, i'm sure he's nothing but uncomfortable with this segment. none the less, jeff, tell me in your estimatation how the country would have been different had al gore won the presidency. >> the first thing i need to
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explain is how we get there because this is a counter factual history. it's not hanging chads differentlied chads or anything else else. in my book, elian gonzalez's mother doesn't drown. while there are a lot of people who wanted me to do this book, mostly people who wanted gore to win, in my counter factual history, things don't go that well. i interviewed a lot of people for this book, who worked with gore republicans journalists. i think there would have been a very tough political climate for a president gore, the house would have been republican, the senate would have been evenly divided. i believe president gore would have had a lot of trouble from the left of his own party who wanted him to spend that big sur plus. remember the issue in 2000 was what are we going to do with all that money.
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gore having won a close election would have tracked much more to the center than the left of the party would have wanted. this is hardly a rosy picture and i haven't gotten to the issues around 9/11. this is not a case of you remember when al gore went on snl and pretended to give a presidential speech about how gasoline was $20 a gallon and in vented a hurricane preventing machine. that is not the scenario in my book. >> of course not. i advocated that vice president gore run in 2008 and in 2004, as well. i've been a supporter of him in the past. that doesn't mean that i think everything would have been rosy and he would have done every progressive dream we could have ever imagined. having said that, there's no way in the world we would have invaded iraq and my god is it a different world if that's the case. >> stop right there if you will. i deal with that in the book.
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just to set briefly the framework, i think al gore would have been much more knowledgable and attentive about al-qaeda. i believe for the sake of the fiction that the cia. i think under those circumstances, al gore would have pushed hard against iraq. up not only would have had republicans urging it, you would have had many democrats who believed that sadaam had weapons of mass destruction. >> who cares he didn't attack us. >> uh-uh. i'm not arguing. >> there's no way vice president gore would have been that irrational. no way. >> chenk that's -- you're not listening to me. i agree with you. you're hitting a straw mat. i am suggesting that the politics would have been much tougher. vice president lieberman who
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would have been vice president would have been as anxious to go into iraq as dick cheney. he was one of the leading hawks of either party, and so the picture i paint is not al gore going into iraq, no. he said at the time it would have been mike attacking the phillipines after pearl harbor. the picture i paint is a president under enormous political pressure and suffering politically for not going into iraq. that's my book, you're entitled to write your own history. >> look, so vice president lieberman sent a chill down my spine. when you finally break this down between, you know, how it went and how it would have gone, you know is there a conclusion that you draw? you walk away thinking we're in the tide of history and things wind up being in a political place no matter what or do men
4:23 pm
matter? >> thank you for putting it that way. it matters a great deal who is in charge. i don't believe that history is simply driven by great movements and geography and ideology. who is in charge makes a huge difference. i only point out remember, anybody is entitled to write their own alternate history. i leave this with the president going into a per i willous situation because he will not go into iraq. in my earlier book called then everything changed i try to make the argument that what have the movements of history whoever is in charge makes a difference. you may know this. franklin roosevelt was almost killed in florida by a would-be assist 16 before he got to be president. can you imagine the depression being led by january john garner? >> really interesting book thank you.
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>> ok, all right, now. when we come back, the congressional black caucus. well obviously they're on president obama's side. they're also saying something interesting, let's keep this real. if you were white would our reaction be different to your policy. >> later, the elbow of the day. we know who's delivering it, but who's getting it? >> what i do know is he has helped jump start a new empire. >> thank you for warning us against the menace. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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>> now, if you watch the show on a regular basis, you know that of course president obama is only a million times more progressive than mitt romney. that's obvious. you also know he's knots that progressive. he told bob woodward: >> everybody wants fiscal restraint and order but to see he's a blue dog democratic, a conservative democratic, that's interesting. also remember, he has said many times in the past that he's perfectly willing and able to cut entitlement programs, in other words social security. watch him say it himself. >> we then offered an additional $650 billion in cuts to
4:28 pm
entitlement programs, medicare, medicaid, social security. >> so there it is. he's saying i offered it to the republicans. now, there's one other group that's concerned that he is not quite as progressive as we'd like him to be, the african-american community. african-americans in 2008 had an unemployment rate of 11.9% now up to 14.1%. of course the president is not solely responsible for that, it was the great recession caused by the republicans but there has not been a lot of action to specifically address that community in terms of making it better. latinos and whites have suffered but not at the rate african-americans have. when you move oh household income real median income for african-americans is just over $32,000, that's a gigantic difference. in 2005 for whites was $135,000,
4:29 pm
moved down to $110,000 now but when you look at african-americans, it goes from 12 for us to just under 5,000 so that's a gigantic problem. the congressional black caulk with us is aware of this. the head of the caucus has given fiery speeches where he says president obama, hope on, hope on and encouraging them. he also did say: >> i think that's a really interesting comment. now, we're going to bring in our own professor she is of course at brown university and attended a black caucus foundation 40 second annual conference and has an interesting opinion on this. what did you get out of that conference in terms of the reaction of the black caucus to president obama? >> well, the congressional black
4:30 pm
caucus put on a wonderful conference that was which with activists, political figures, every day people focused on solving a wide range of problems and discussing issues that are especially pertinent to african-americans. overall, there was enormous sport for the president and glowing emotionally written response to michelle obama's speech given. at the same time the level of crisis is so profound that i think there was an undercurrent in some settings where there was a sense if this were any other setting and any other presidential figure, we would be outraged by the level of cries we're in. that's the rock and the hard place that african-americans place, the symbolic value political connections and emotional value of the first black president, but the reality that he's either unable or unwillingly to verbally address or substantively confront the race structure inequality.
4:31 pm
>> i want everybody to understand, of course we're not saying he caused the problems, the income falling the net worth falling or not. let me quote the head of the congressional black caucus: >> is that the ironic problem professor rose, if he were white, we would be pushing him harder to help the african-american community no. >> oh, i think there would be a much greater sense that a white democratic progressive liberal blue dog whichever would be held accountable much more explicitly for at least feeling and articulating a sense of connection to african-americans along with the rest of his sub constituencies it's not a matter of him being president of black america but it is saying the black people are a legitimate constituency of the democratic party an important constituency. unfortunately the way race
4:32 pm
works, if obama mentions race too much, he gets tainted by a anxiety and fear a white president wouldn't be. it does put black people between a rock and a hard place. it's a very difficult political consequence of this weighs. >> already the new gingrich's rush limbaughs of the world the minute he says we are going to look after african-americans they say i told you so. what do you think it is that african-american community or caucus should do in this tough situation to pressure president obama to do the right thing? >> that's a great question, chenk. we have to get everyone out to vote significantly and we have to be urgent. sam jackson wake the f. up, we have to vote. at the same time, we have to look at this next election with
4:33 pm
the hope that obama wins with a very critical self reflective eye. what can we expect from any color president not as a full member community of the nation as a whole. so that's what i think a lot of reflection and political rethinking has to go on. we can't expect a black penalty to do what we need, but that we have to ask ourselves how to create a new political vision that demands the same of everybody. >> all right professor trisha rose, thank you as always. >> and seals a very interesting conversation. it is a tough tough question. when we come back, yes, prime minister netanyahu of israel had a very important serious talk at the united nations. no question about that. we also found a funny moment. >> this is a bomb, this is a
4:34 pm
fuse. >> when we come back, also serious and funny a man walking around with a fake r.p.g. how did it turn out for him? >> after nearly eight minutes we finally attracted a few concerned citizens and retreated back to the nearby neighborhood. now we just had to wait for law enforcement to arrive.
4:35 pm
>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
4:36 pm
of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
4:37 pm
>> there are a lot of people in this country who need organ
4:38 pm
transplants, 115,000 people every year need transplants. 18 people die every day waiting for a transplant they do not get. there's a new lawsuit by patrick mcmain, an airport combat veteran and working with the new york organ network. he said they apply too much pressure to declare patients dead to get the organs. that is an explosive charge and the network vigorously defend themselves against that charge saying he is "an untrained trouble maker with a hit of raising frivolous issues and questions." patrick is going to join us along with his lawyer. this is a really important issue. so many people need organ transplants. if you are right that they are pressuring people to declare patients dead before they are actually dead, that's an enormously important issue.
4:39 pm
how do we know who to trust if we should believe you or not. >> yes the reason why you can trust me is i'm out there living it. they hired me, recruited me. i've got 30 years in the medical field, served overseas, desert storm, iraq, afghanistan when my nation called me, i went and served. i took this job because i believed in organ donation until i found out what was going on. for them to make the statement that i make frivolous allegations, somebody's life is at stake here. i went to the c.e.o. about it. this is somebody's life. there is no turning back. >> i understand that, but they say look, we -- and then you're talking about follow up.
4:40 pm
>> so, you know, i guess let me ask this to michael, how do you respond to that? >> well, sir, the belief that the families had was based on what the doctors told them. in other words the doctors came to them and said your family member is brain dead. that's what they based their opinion on. in direct contradiction, we were contacted by a number of families today who experienced the intimidation and pressure from the hospital and from the organ donor network that our lawsuit alleges. >> by the way the family members also did say this. they are not saying it on your behalf, just as a point of information. >> patrick, you know, the network makes a decent point which is hey, wait a minute, doctors decide if someone has
4:41 pm
passed away or not not the organ donor network. that seems like a pretty fair point. how do you respond to that no. >> shy responsibility as the transplant coordinator is to make sure that the doctors policies are being fulfilled. thisthey need specialists to come in and make sure they are doing things. i was hired for that and being trained for that. when i brought it to their attention, i had a difficult time especially with some of my own staff where i had an individual tell me that what kind of life would they have anyway, which i think it's appalling. i'm not god. specifically in rewards to my position, i went to the c.e.o. and she herself acknowledged when i complained about this, she, herself acknowledged that it had happened to her once and she didn't do anything until the
4:42 pm
person was on the operating table ready to have their chest cut open and heart taken out. that's way too late. she should have stopped that hours before, because the brain death notice signed many hours before you can even get a surgical team in to take and harvest organs. >> look, that's all the time we have now. i want to thank you for coming in. i'm incredibly curious to see how the lawsuit turns out. both sides have interesting points. i want everybody donating organs as much as possible. it saves life. you work on that, patrick and care about that, as well. >> yes. >> we obviously want to make sure they have passed away before we take their organs. thank you for joining us. >> i just want to tell the viewers, i should have said this in the beginning. i neglected to mention it, our p.r. firm at the young turks the same p.r. firm that
4:43 pm
represents the new york organ donors network. you should know that, it's important. >> we're going in a completely different direction, we're going to lighten it up. who has the best party schools? you've got to watch this, because there's some caveats in the end that are hilarious. i can't wait to share that with you. totally different story when we come back. >> when it comes to partying, u.v.a. nunero uno. >>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk! the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy.
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>> first we've got a bit of a breaking news update. the maker of the movie innocence of muslims has been arrested. authorities did not arrest him because the movie was offensive to muslims but on check fraud conviction that he had in 2010. he was not supposed to go on the internet or use a computer for five years. certainly appears he used the computer. he has been taken in. we'll see how that develops. >> ben, good to see you. >> you, as well. >> we've got a couple of topics we want to discuss with you. prime minister netanyahu made an important speech about iran until it got a little weird and goofy. >> this is a bomb. this is a fuse.
4:48 pm
in the case of iran's nuclear plans to build a bomb, this bomb has to be filled with enough enriched uranium. where should a red line be drawn? right here. before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. >> let me see that bomb one more time. let's put it up for the audience. take a look at that picture. ben, is is that what a nuclear bomb looks like? >> i don't know anything about fusion, hot or cold but i'm pretty sure that's not how an atomic warhead looks. i'm concerned about the length of the fuse. once you light that fuse, you've got to leave a lot of time. you've got to run away, you've got to get in your bunker, seal
4:49 pm
the bunker and open your canned peaches. that doesn't strike me as realistic. >> i haven't seen that in the movies either, but i have seen it wiley coyote used it. >> can you imagine if you actually had to have a guy do a nuclear weapon. >> when they dropped it, the atomic bomb, he dropped it with a plane and had to get the hell out of there. >> with a plane. >> i have to move on to the next topic. it's about michael turley and what he put his 16-year-old nephew up to do. they go out with a fake r.p.g. and i guess dressed as a muslim. >> continuing to display the r.p.g. in the street. after nearly eight minutes we finally attracted a few concerned citizens. now he just had to wait for law
4:50 pm
enforcement to arrive. after standing around, the police finally arrived. >> put it down. put it down. >> much to our surprise, a single officer arrived and did not seem that concerned. >> put your hands where i can see them. >> that was in arizona. we found out who the anonymous actor was of course, and j.r., how dumb an idea. >> the question they should have asked before they released him is how stupid are you? >> he didn't look like an actual we see of what terrorists are. that's why the cop walked up, what are you doing you idiot. he had a tone of put it down, dumb ass. >> it's a miracle he didn't cause an accident. driving by fast, you see an r.p.g. that he would get shot. >> it's in arizona think about
4:51 pm
the access to guns. i'm shocked that no one took the matter into their own hands and carried out vigilante justice. i'm happy the 16-year-old was ok and he hasn't been arrested. >> why are you talking like that? why aren't you talking like this like the man in the video. >> that was one of his bad ideas. >> topic number three best party schools in america. in order to do this, we bring in our special corresponded. michael shureer was in san francisco. he's also epic party man because he went to the top school. michael, u.v.a., top of the list. >> i don't remember anything from my four years there because i was partying so much. it's a source of pride to know that play boy named you the number one party school, however, it's not great either, because it means you're not a school school. >> you're school is number two. >> we have an amazing athletic
4:52 pm
program and party school and we're this intelligent. we hit the trifecta. it's awesome. >> throw in that last part just out of nowhere. >> j.r., you don't party like i do. >> oh, yeah, yeah, michael looks like he parties. >> here's the thing i unfortunately devaluele this list. when they go to the best of the rest on sex life, university of north carolina is number one in sex life. >> i went out with a tar heel. >> you did. >> she was lovely. >> they say the women are plentiful and lovely and progressive. >> did you have canned peaches with her ben? >> that would be enjoyable. >> best of the rest, new york university georgetown, ucla with that yale? yale? >> when they go tonight life, penn? i went to penn. a good night out was dungeons and dragons.
4:53 pm
worst sex life school, colorado school of minds. what? ohio state worst sporting life on him sorry, best sporting life. the worst night life -- usheba has the worst sporting life?
4:54 pm
are they contagious? i don't think so. [ male announcer ] contract the rainbow! taste the rainbow!
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. >> cenk: representative louie of texas is clearly the dumbest man in congress. and that's not an easy title to earn. but he's done it by coming out with the craziest conspiracy
4:56 pm
theories you've ever seen. you know what? he's outdone himself this time. watch. >> i'm not one of those who says he's not a christian. all i know is that's between him and god but what i do know is he's helped jump start a new ottoman empire and left our friend and ally, israel, so vulnerable. >> cenk: a new ottoman empire. hey, we're back! and led by president obama. you think i would support president obama more knowing he's restarting the ottoman empire. stephen colbert did the best takedown of him ever on this. watch. >> according to -- ottoman empire is making the comeback with the help of barack obama. >> it is i! welcome to obama's ottoman america. >> thank you congressman louie gohmert for warning us against the ottoman menace. >> cenk: that was one of the funniest and smartest segments
4:57 pm
i'veer seen. so of course, gohmert in the middle of the ring. hey, watch out. here comes colbert! what now louie? what now? this has been "the young turks." we'll see you tomorrow. >> eliot: good evening. i'm eliot spitzer and this is "viewpoint." this just in, barack obama has won ohio and its 18 electoral votes. no, it hasn't really happened just yet. with president obama's 10-point lead in ohio that, critical swing state is now almost out of reach for mitt romney. which means to win the election, romney almost has to sweep the remaining swing states to have a hope of capturing the 270 electoral colleg
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